Hello, world. My name is Eugene. I am a perfectionist web developer with an eye for aesthetics. I believe in building applications with form and function that make users happy. If users of my work are happy, I am happy.

My story began in middle school, when I first made personal websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While I enjoyed tinkering with static content, I really wanted to implement something more dynamic, involving users. Unfortunately, my knowledge at the time was limited.

Since my humble beginning, I have taken about a dozen computer science classes, taught myself many of the languages I now know, and gotten involved in some very cool projects. Today, building software that people like to use remains one of my greatest motivators and emboldens me to continually progress as a developer.


Cornell University, College of Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Operations Research (May 2012)

Minors in Computer Science and Information Science


XHTML • CSS • JavaScript • Perl • PHP • Python • Ruby

AJAX • jQuery • Django • Ruby on Rails • C/C++ • Java

SQL • VBA • Matlab • Bash • Git • SVN • Windows • Linux

Microsoft Office • Adobe Photoshop


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